In the twilight

The pavement carries my soul
To hide in the basements and the fumes
Hold me in your arms
Uncarved heart
The sun has bled into the rooftops long ago
A woman in intensive care
Used to walk this hour
A pockmarked man loves her
And boards up the smashed window panes
There is a woman
And she lies
Her child no longer sees her
But Jessie loves her
I am in the street
Passed the school
Gates locked
Plane trees lay down shadows on the playground
And the trains shudder behind the houses
they never go anywhere else
The end house where travellers settle
Is the last house
In the day they sit on the steps
Children whose milk teeth turn brown
Call 999 for fun
I am home here
Just renting with everyone else
No one lives here
Everyone has stayed here
On their way to better times
We don’t make money
Count coppers
Put down bottle lids for chips
On Beatrice rd
shattered car windows
damn up the gutters
For diamonds
In too big handbags
Natasha gets the belt
And Helen steals someone elses pocket money
On a quiet Sunday
When here
Was just somewhere to live