Clover Peake is a writer, artist and designer living and working in London, UK. Her work is displayed in private collections nationally and internationally. 


Poetry and Short Stories


She has been active into poetry writing, reading and organising poetry events and workshops such as Parole, Parole for many years. Events have been held at Milton’s cottage, Cripplegate Milton Foundation, Bosse and Baum and many other galleries and locations. Her most recent publication is Archetype, published by Spuyten Duyvil, New York. Her next collection of poems, Beasts and Volcanoes, published by Knives, Forks and Spoons, is available this year 2019. Clover Peake has had her short stories published in various anthology collections too.


Visual Artist


Clover Peake works in fabric, tapestry, embroidery and drawing. Her work has been shown and bought by private collectors nationally and internationally. 





In 2015 she wrote, produced and acted in a short film called Topsyand in 2016 Chasm. She continues developing and writing new ideas. Future projects involve devising a piece of poetic film focusing on families surviving domestic abuse. 




As a designer, she contributes bespoke clothing to numerous specialist clothing outlets. From 2016-2018 she developed her own boutique “Peake boutique”. She also designs costumes for short films and other performances, including, Florence Peake’s Rite, at Le Palais de Tokyo, Paris. SS19 Clover Peake will be showing her collection in Bari, Italy.



You can buy Clover Peake latests poem books in the following links:

  •   Beasts and Volcanoes, by Clover Peake:

  • ARCHETYPE, by Clover Peake: